Why choose for TEQQ?

  • Flexible deployment +

    With the solutions of TEQQ your processing centre can be deployed highly flexibly. The solutions are fully flexible and can be installed on the milling bed very fast. For instance, during the day work continues as usual whilst at night TEQQ will take over your batch manufacturing.
  • Increase production capacity +

    Thanks to the fully automated solutions of TEQQ you can save a lot of time. In practice the solutions of TEQQ can, also because of the unmanned nightly work, result in a production increase from 25 to 100 per cent.
  • Processing centre remains available for other work +

    As the modules of TEQQ are quickly exchangeable the processing centre remains available for other work. There are, for instance, options to remove / drive away the grab and the storage box.
  • No additional floor surface required +

    As the modules of TEQQ are largely assembled in the processing centre no additional floor surface is required.
  • Low investment, short payback period +

    Thanks to the simplicity of the modules TEQQ was able to realise a very sharp price. As a consequence a processing centre can be fully automated at a relatively low investment.
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 TEQQ International
 Genoenhuis 21
 5661 PC  Geldrop
 The Netherlands

+3140 2631 123
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Who are we?


TEQQ International is a specialist in the area of simple automation of CNC processing.


  • Short return of investment

  • Operation from machine terminal
  • Short configuration times

  • No use of additional floor surface

  • Sharp price

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