Modernise and adapt your milling machine to the demand in a trice? TEQQ’s SMART FACTORY is the solution for your milling machine. With our four modules you turn your milling machine into an unmanned unit. Your production capacity is increased considerably – up to more than double. This way you always anticipate highs and lows in the demand. Your machine continues working at night, without supervision. You increase your output without additional man-hours!

TEQQ opts for intelligent solutions at a very sharp price. This way we guarantee a fast payback period.

Seize your opportunity of realising more return from your milling machine and contact us!


 TEQQ International
 Genoenhuis 21
 5661 PC  Geldrop
 The Netherlands

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Who are we?


TEQQ International is a specialist in the area of simple automation of CNC processing.


  • Short return of investment

  • Operation from machine terminal
  • Short configuration times

  • No use of additional floor surface

  • Sharp price

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