Technishow 2014

2014 Technishow

TEQQ International at 2014 Technishow Utrecht

It goes without saying that TEQQ International and its four flexible modules can be found at the 2014 Technishow in the Royal Dutch Exhibition Centre in Utrecht. This grabber, clamp, storage solution and hydraulic unit developed in-house jointly form the Integrated Product Handler system (IPH). 

The IPH system is the ideal tool to arrive at a higher and flexible productivity of milling machines. Remarkable is that this can be accomplished with a low investment, without losing time on research, without configuration times and without additional loss of floor surface. Actually, the IPH system makes sure that your milling machine changes into an unmanned machine that can operate day and night. 

TEQQ International works with solutions. For instance, there is a grabber that is part of the tools warehouse as a result of which it can be deployed very fast with existing machine programmes. The storage installation also offers solutions that leave the milling bed free for alternative orders.   

TEQQ generated considerable interest at the Mazak private show in Louvain in 2013. We look forward to welcoming you at the Technishow in Utrecht. There we can provide additional information about our products in an informal setting and together we can examine with what options you can generate more production for your machine fleet in a short period of time. 


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Who are we?


TEQQ International is a specialist in the area of simple automation of CNC processing.


  • Short return of investment

  • Operation from machine terminal
  • Short configuration times

  • No use of additional floor surface

  • Sharp price

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